MSX Template Pack v00.05.01 released!

By DamnedAngel

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11-10-2021, 05:35

Hi folks, I've just released version 00.05.01 of MSX Template Pack!

Find all about it at

New features:

  • Support to parameters in BASIC's CALL handler.
  • Support to customized parameters for SDCC (compile), SDASZ80 (assemble), SDCC (link) e HEX2BIN (binary generation).
  • Workaround in example applications for a interslot calls issue that turns interruptions off in some MSX.
  • Customized symbol export to .h and .s for building collaborative applications.
  • Support to actions in build events. Trigger customized scripts in 5 different phases of the build process (start, before compile, after compile, after binary generation and at the very end of the process).

Support to Windows, Linux and MacOS is maintained.

Have fun and... happy MSXing!

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