Single MSX library

By Josb

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09-10-2021, 09:56

Hello everybody,

I am building a little and very simple MSX library for sdcc compiler and Linux althougt it is quite easy to use under other operating systems as windows or mac. The general idea is to get functions further than simple wraps.

I know that there are many of them nowadays, even better, but this one is just for fun. I am not a professional of computers so I have taken borrowed code from others, music and ayfx effects from fusion C and the interruption service from Alberto Orante library. If any inconvenience, tell me. Obviously, the most of the code is from my own that is part of fun.

The library was made for my own use and I had not thought to share it, however it looks pretty and it is a pity not do it.

Inside there are a beautiful pdf in order to know all included functions, some examples, and tools for compile, execute and manage files and datas.

little demo of sml game


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