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By Vampier

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09-01-2019, 01:12

Welcome back Smile I was going to e-mail you to see how you're doing.

By TomH

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09-01-2019, 04:24 not only doesn't work from home in Safari, which I think it isn't meant to, but doesn't seem to work from the office in Firefox. Though it works from home in Firefox.

If there's any debugging or other diagnostic information I could provide, I'd love to have that opportunity.

By dvik

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09-01-2019, 17:36

Tnx TomH. The emulator use AudoContext which doesn't seem to be supported by default in all browsers (didn't investigate workarounds). It aslo uses webgl which isn't directly supported in IE or Edge (think I fixed this by using experimental-webgl).

My guess is that these are fixable with some effort.

Would be interesting to learn why your work Firefox doesn't work. Haven't debugged FIrefox issues in a while, so not sure whats doable. If you think you know how to fix it or if the source code could be helpful you can get the source code at

Any help getting closer to finding a solution is appreciated.

I fixed the PCM bug btw, will take a look at the other issues you found NYYRIKKI. My core set of test demos (unkown reality, almost real, turnix, Fac and Fony, and some more) worked fine when I tested them (doesn't mean I did something to break them :) )

By Vampier

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09-01-2019, 18:57

work computers (assuming you work for a company that takes their security serious) are mostly locked down to prevent data leaks and mitigate other risk issues that can arise with making their computers into total playgrounds. To the obvious answer would be - don't use you work computer Wink

from a programmers perspective it would be interesting to see what is happens to that information could be displayed to indicate why it doesn't work. I always tell the people I work with that information to the user is very important.... it's another story if they actually read the 'clearly understandable' text that is presented to them.

By mars2000you

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09-01-2019, 20:18

By the way, the source of the 'traditional' blueMSX can now also be found on github:


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12-01-2019, 10:21

Hi Daniel,
the C-flag after a R800 MULUW instruction is (or was at that time) incorrect in bluemsx
In this demo demo there is a check on this a R800 emulation glitch that prevents it run in bluemsx, more details here

By ani

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13-01-2019, 09:10

Thanks ARTRAG. The C-flag bug was fixed a long time ago in blueMSX (barely missed the last public beta build) and was ported correctly to the web version. There was however another copy paste bug in MULW that triggered your test to fail that was easy to find thanks to your program. I fixed the bug and published a new version. It appears your demo runs ok (but didn't test thoroughly). (the published version has msx audio support in progress, adpcm not working yet).

Question to someone: I have some trouble to get new versions to load in my chrome browser and need to do a hard reload (in particular if the css changes). If anyone happens to know how to configure your html to force a reload I'd be happy to know. The new version is 0.0.3 and it is only js updates so works ok for me without hard reload.

By santiontanon

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13-01-2019, 09:26

Concerning the cache in Google Chrome, you can try opening the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Developer Tools), then go to the network tab, and click the checkbox "disable caches". I think that should do the trick!

Edit: Oh, but wait, you mean how can you make it force reload in someone else's computer right? that's harder. I am not a web developer, so maybe other know better, but I know a common solution is to use unique names in resource files (e.g., adding a time tag to the file name), just to avoid these files being cached by the web browser...

By ani

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13-01-2019, 09:36

No I need to do that developer tool hack. I'm ok doing it personally, but I'm afraid some users may not be able to. Not really sure why it is caching or if there is something I can tell. I'll see if I can add a time tag or something to force a reload. Never done it before so probably need some reading first.

By gdx

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13-01-2019, 09:47

will the windows version be updated? I'm not a fan of online.

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