DD-Graph Instruction Manual PDF??


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17-09-2016, 23:35

Is there a PDF manual of DD-Graph for MSX?? Big smile

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By Pac

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18-09-2016, 00:25

I have no idea anyway the DD-Graph animation tool is quite simple, just try, very easy. On the other hand, if you are interested, I can tell you that Animecha is a more complete tool for animation puporses and the manual is available in English here.

By Grauw

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18-09-2016, 13:25

I wrote some basic instructions a while back:

Grauw wrote:

AGE5: Left-click on the tool buttons to draw. Right-click on them to see options. When in draw mode, right-click to make the tool bar pop up again.

Buttons from left to right: line, paint, square, filled square, fill, circle, flip, shift, rotate, scale, magnifier, color replace (right-click to edit palette), animation editor, load/save, undo (right-click for exit to dos option).

You can also use cursor keys to move (hold shift to move fast), and F1/F2 for left/right click. When you connect a mouse after starting AGE5, press STOP to detect it.

By The_Engineer

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04-02-2020, 12:32

Reviving an old thread Cool
Did anybody ever scan the Japanese manual that came with DD-Graph?
Just wondering if that manual includes some additional information on options we missed.

By The_Engineer

Han (194)

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04-02-2020, 14:50

Some googling did show part of the source code courtesy of Mr. Naitoh.
Would I love to see the contents of those disks! :D