HB-F700D Clock Battery

By mds

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31-05-2022, 11:58

I am sure that like my computer, that others have had to change their clock battery.
Mine is a Japan Storage Battery Co. GB50H - 2
2.4v 50mah Ni-Cd PCB Mount

The only battery I can find similar is Ni-Mh 2.4v 40mah or 80mah

My question is, would it be safe for me to substitute one of these for the Ni-Cd original.

Otherwise my other option is to use a cordless phone replacement battery, 2.4V Ni-Cd

Cheers Big smile

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By sdsnatcher73

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31-05-2022, 12:39

General consensus is to just cut the existing battery. How we use MSX mostly these days the added benefit of the RTC is minimal. I don’t think you should replace them with NiMh because charging conditions are different (check this page). Using a new NiCd battery for a cordless phone is probably the best option for replacement.

By mds

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31-05-2022, 13:57

Thanks for the reply.
I was thinking that would be the case, the cordless phone batteries are wired, si I will just cut the plug off and solder the wires to the motherboard.
Would just like to keep it somewhat original after all this time.
Cheers Big smile