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By f1r3b0y

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05-04-2021, 22:21

Well, party finished.

The supposed reason to Revision channel get banned, was some nudity(really showing an male ass dancing) present on one of the videos submitted by the users. The nudity algorithm someway detected that and closed the channel without any asking or warning to the staff.

Anyway, one of the sponsors managed quickly to re-arrange the stream, and with better quality(twitch was experiencing some lags or stream loss, a lot of people talked about that on the embedded chat), with discord channel with the chat.

The MSX demo presented was very good, enjoyable, nice work from a spanish group. The music was awesome done by JosSs, it reserved a lot more than 8th result.

I wish demoscene was stronger on MSX zone because the platform deserves good hardware stressing, and good sound. I hope to see an MSX demo with SCC/FM/moonsound sound like Sphere one. C64 is really awesome on level and quantity of demoscene productions, the release a lot of them any year. In fact, on this revision i have seen about 10 or 15 different releases counting all categories.

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