What are your toughts on the newest castlevania lords of shadow

By Sarcasmic

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30-10-2010, 19:20

I'am a great caslevania fan but the latest game kind of sucked bad....
Has hideo kojima lost his apotite and did konami forget abouth the green beret disaster the first konami game made outside of japan....
For me the new castlevania reminds me of konamis green beret feeling it looks pretty cool but it does not feel like a real konami game...
also its way to easy playing this game on paladin dificultly....CryingCryingCryingCrying
Its sad that mecury steam totaly forgot abouth the castlevania roots for me this game has no value at all....CryingCryingCryingCrying
And they should not have copied the GOD OF WAR gameplay.....CryingCryingCryingCryingCryingCrying
i hope the next castlevania will be made in japan again and i hope they use the real castlevania ROOTS again.....
And that they dont use the excuse this title plays in a time before all other castlevania series because the story line of the new sucks badly even i could have made up a better story line than mecury steam did.... its sad that konami has made a second failure in EuropeCrying

whats your opinion abouth it and whats your favorite castlevania mine is symphony of the night! i bought it for 129gld nowdays it has a ridiculus price i did see it on ebay at the same price you pay for solid snake MGII nowdays i was a kind of schocked but ofcourse also very happy Smile

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By twintris

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30-10-2010, 22:20

dude, calm down

we all know konami has a serious creative issue these days. take silent hill for example. but this castlevania is not another "msx green beret". it´s a good game, but not great, and absolutely not a disaster. And if the game is less than perfect, I don´t think the problem is "not using the real castlevania roots". Game series must evolve, being faithful to their roots at the same time. And there´s nothing wrong with god of war gameplay, maybe you just don´t like it. and the funny thing is that your favourite game is SOTN, not very "castlevania roots" . And yes, that´s my favourite castlevania too.

By JohnHassink

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30-10-2010, 22:46

Some games survive the 'jaws of time' really well:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aL9XpxICgk :)

I have not seen or heard of this new Castlevania.
My favorites are Dracula's Curse, Bloodlines, and ofcourse Vampire Killer.

By Guillian

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30-10-2010, 23:43

I think the main problem of CLOS is the gameplay. It has excellent graphics, good music and despite some glitches, it is good technically. But the gameplay is not good.
They tried to make a mix of some games like God of War, Shadow of the Colossus and Prince of Persia. But the result is not as playable as any of those.
Also, despite the game was made in Spain, the Spanish translation is not perfect (O__o!)
I agree this Castlevania is not a Castlevania.
My favorite is Symphony of the Night.