Where can I buy a Carnivore 2?

By msx4me

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25-10-2021, 21:22

Anyone know where I can buy a Carnivore 2 for my new MSX2+??


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By Grauw

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25-10-2021, 21:36

See the list here.

I got mine from 8bits4ever.

If it says out of stock on the store page just send an email to inquire about availability.

By jepmsx

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25-10-2021, 22:14

I bought mine 1 month ago from maxiol.

I chose case number 7, it's awesome.

You can write to radioshop@maxiol.com and check for availability.

Good luck!

By msx4me

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26-10-2021, 01:58

Thanks I contacted them and I hope to get a reply

By sdsnatcher73

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26-10-2021, 16:12

On every product page they now have a button „Notify When Available“. If you leave your contact info you will get a notification when the specific product is (you guessed it) availableWink.

By javiermi

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28-11-2021, 09:36

Still interested?
I'm selling my one for £80 here in the UK including a 1GB Compact flash with games
Let me know where you live and will get you a postage price



By Drakon

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30-11-2021, 08:49


I recently bought there, I recommend it.