Philips Music Module 1205: trigger a recorded sound via MIDI?

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By MsxKun

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05-10-2021, 15:22

Soft Automaton wrote:
MsxKun wrote:

I think the manual maybe says the MIDI won't work with the internal firmware program, which is true, it doesn't.

Can you elaborate? That contradicts what others just wrote here. You're saying that using the stock software / firmware you cannot trigger anything with MIDI IN. My original assertion was true then? Now I'm confused again and wonder why those ports would be there. Was it yet another half-baked product? It didn't seem like it was but I'm still waiting on a delivery of the cartridge. I don't have one yet to know this first hand.

Internal Music Module firmware (in those units that still have it, not like mine that is gone cause is mostly unuseful and annoying), doesn't use the MIDI-In via DIN, stardard old style MIDI plug. It uses only the propietery keyboard connector, made for Philips keyboard.

Other soft like Moonblaster can use both without problems. The MIDI-In/Out/Thru works. The internal MM soft won't use them cause its lazy.

By Soft Automaton

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05-10-2021, 16:28

Yes, yet others say they remember using it and triggering it via MIDI.

I suppose we're just talking about various usages and situations, such as an external program controlling the Philips cartridge, which is not what I'm asking about. I just want to use the built in sampler and am assuming that the 1205 cartridge is the source to do all of this, out of the box. I have no experience with any other BIOS, application, other cartridge, etc. Those are third party and not a a part of my question at all, though it is intriguing.

I suppose it's also a matter of program / firmware size. Maybe that was cut from the spec if the code ran out of space. That would be plausible. It's a shame though. It looks like I'll need to run a third party tool of some kind to put that sampler to use in a 'modern' (read '80s and beyond) setting Big smile

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