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By Retrofan

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21-08-2015, 19:41

Hi guys,

Last year I was distibutor for the Korean Dal-So-Ri OPL4 sound cartridge and a couple of batches of MSX adapters for Panasonic machines like 2+ and Turbo-R.

Right now I would like to know if there's interest for a new batch of Dal-So-Ri's. I'm just investigating the interest. After I know if it's still wanted, I will try to get another batch of these items. At least 20 orders are needed. Price is unknown, but should be hopefully around 150 euro.

I asked the developer JunSoft if he could create a new version with hardware support for ADPCM playback (no recording) for the MSX-AUDIO implementation so we can use the Dal-So-Ri for both MSX-AUDIO software as well as for OPL4 software. We have to wait if he succeeds. (please don't ask for more features as the project is already expensive...)

Or maybe you guys are interested in this?

By the way, I also asked Tjeerd from Worp3 if he could add support for the external MSX-MIDI interface Bit2 Mu-pack with MIDI-PAC (with use of dump of MIDI-ROM of Mu-pack for identification in software), so you could use MIDI players like MIDRY on MIDI-PAC which were originally created for internal/external MSX-MIDI (and with MIDRY also MIDI Saurus). Tjeerd will investigate this. (thanks!) Maybe this is a nice combo for MIDI-PAC so the MSX-MIDI interface 3 isn't needed anymore...

Just tell me in this topic what you like most. Thanks!

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By Grauw

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21-08-2015, 19:54

MIDI Interface 3 — I am interested in it.

Already have a DalSoRi, but it’s a really nice cartridge that I can recommend to everyone.

By alexito

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21-08-2015, 19:53

Dalsori OPL4 with MSX-AUDIO Support That sound fine to me. I'm Interested too.

By tvalenca

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21-08-2015, 20:14

alexito wrote:

Dalsori OPL4 with MSX-AUDIO Support That sound fine to me. I'm Interested too.

+1 interested in OPL4 + ADPCM support.

It would be great if you could provide MSX-AUDIO BIOS compatiblility. It currently needs 2x4k RAM (3000h-3FFFh mirrored at 7000h-7FFFh and C000h-CFFFh mirrored at F000h-FFFFh) over a 64k ROM on the slot you plugged the cartridge. More info HERE and HERE.

About MIDI support, I think it's better to have a separated cartrdige for that. Not everyone uses both things (OPL4 and MIDI) at the same time.

By Haze

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21-08-2015, 23:36

I too would be interested in a new Dal-So-Ri cartridge.

By sd_snatcher

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22-08-2015, 00:33

I would *really* love a fully featured OPL4 cartridge with:

- 4MB of WaveTable RAM, thus eliminating the annoying restrictions imposed by the YRW801 ROM, as described in this thread.
- ADPCM playback, for backwards compatibility with the Y8950. If needed to save space/costs, it could use the same RAM as the WaveTable for the SampleRAM, as it doesn't make sense to use both features at the same time, because the ADPCM would only be there for the backwards compatibility.
- MSX-Audio BIOS circuit, extended to ASCII16 to support up to 4MB of a AM29F032 flash. This would allow the YRW801 contents to be stored there, in the upper 2MB.
- YSS225 effects processor
- A jumper to allow the selection of I/O address C0h or C4h

Whoever makes this cartridge first...

By giuseve

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22-08-2015, 08:22

Yes, very interesting.
Especially considering that in this way I could park my big philips music module.
MsxAudio and Moonsound together: very nice.
Anyway, it would be perfect with a lower price !
Pay attention to the output level: try it on a slot expander in different position and with an scc cart and a fmpac cart
Pay attention to the capability to work in secondary slots
Anyway, considering that usually msx software uses moonsound OR msxaudio with msx music, and that a bios trick make opl4 able to works in opl2 mode, isn't there any chance to make the opl4 able to works in opl2 and opll(fmpac) simultaneously? This would be great and it would be the ULTIMATE MSX AUDIO CART

By marcoo

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22-08-2015, 09:26

I am also interested aspecialy the adpcm support

By meits

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22-08-2015, 10:56

Man! I just bought my third opl4 cartridge and now you come up with this? Do I really need to buy a fourth one?
Well... Yes

Where will the fun ever end

By Randam

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22-08-2015, 17:02

LIke sd_snatcher says a fully featured one would be awesome! Especially the effects processor, the 4MB and ADPCM would be cool. But even just the ADPCM alone would be interesting.

By Jorito

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22-08-2015, 18:24

A DalSoRi with MSX-Audio compatibility sounds interesting Smile

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