Goldstar MSX keyboard issue

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By MichelM

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28-05-2016, 17:07

Okay. I must admit that you're right. I did try it though. I vacuumed it, blew canned air through it, and put lots of contact spray on it. To no avail. The "L" key still doesn't work.

I have ZERO soldering experience. From an untrained eye, it looks good to me; just like all the solderings of the other keys, so I can't imagine that being the issue. The metal lid indeed seems to be directly connected/soldered to the board. It won't come off, and I don't want to put too much pressure on it either, begin afraid I may break it beyond repair entirely.

By Wild_Penguin

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28-05-2016, 19:19

I believe that at this point you just need to find someone (locally) with at least some experience in soldering.

In case you are willing to invest in a sodlering iron and some time to lear soldering: To put it shortly, you will need sodlering wick (this is easiest in my opinion for this kind of components) and heat the solder and the wick, and the wick will suck the solder off the PCB. I find it easiest to heat trough the wick, but this is not the recommended method for smaller components and traces. But it should work for keyboard mechanisms (which have fairly large leads and traces).

I recommend to find a PCB to sacriface (from a dustbin/whatever - something that is already broken or something you don't care about) to practice desoldering on it instead of your MSX keyboard! Once you played around and think you've got a hang of it, try it on the real thing. Sadly there are some really c*py PCBs in some MSXes that have rally bad quality traces - that will get damaged very easily. I have no idea what category the FC200 keyboard PCB belongs to, but you have been warned...

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