Has anyone tried a TSXDuino?

By BananaPie

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30-06-2021, 15:22

I received it today. I am trying to figure out what format the SD card must be and If I can just copy/paste TSX files, or does it need a special program?
I tried the search for TSXDuino, but it always shows TZXDuino, is it the same instructions?
What about the speed? Is it like a cassette player speed or faster?
I didn't buy it, I received it as a gift from family in the UK.

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By jltursan

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30-06-2021, 17:29

Can you post a pic of your TSXDuino?, just to be sure about what you have.

The SD must be formatted FAT32. You can have directories to organize your .TSX files and also, you can load the converted tapes faster than with the real machine, it reachs about 3600-3800bps, that's it, x3 the standard MSX load speed.

By CASDuino

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30-06-2021, 17:47

FAT32 format and the maximum size card is 32GB.
You can adjust the baudrate so that it loads faster BUT not all games will work with a baudrate faster than 2400 when using TSX.

You can download the instructions for the original TZXDuino from here.