Improved video converter module for Yamaha MSX computers

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By Wierzbowsky

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09-02-2023, 02:06

It's been a while... I am happy to inform you that today we've released the improved version of the video board for Yamaha YIS503II, YIS503III and similar MSX computers. Comparing to v1.1 there are a few improvements:

- Allows to use either CXA1675 or CXA2075 video encoder chips
- Contains an improved YTRAP filter
- Allows to use through-hole electrolytic capacitors (see note below)
- Allows to switch between on-board and internal MSX's 3.58MHz clock generator for NTSC
- Allows to disable one or both on-board clock generators
- Requires less components if CXA2075 encoder is used
- If using only computer's 3.58Mhz and NTSC, there's no need to assemble both clock generators

All project's files are available in the RBSC's repository:

Below are some pics to demonstrate the boards.

This board was assembled using parts from the original black-and-while video board from YIS503IIIR (caps, transistors, connectors):

The board with tantalum capacitors is installed in YIS503III MSX2 computer that uses the CPU's clock for NTSC encoding (color artefacts are completely gone!):

As usual, the commercial use of this project is not allowed without the approval from RBSC. Please see the readme file for more info.

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