msx1 transform to msx2

By elements

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13-09-2004, 15:06

is it possible to a built a msx1 system/computer to msx2 computer like my toshiba msx hx-10 or yamaha cmx5. who has instructions on paper to do that?

is there special boards/catridges for msx1 to msx2?

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By Jazzy

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13-09-2004, 15:33

By Sama

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13-09-2004, 17:53

Don't be too hard on him. Personally I think it's more logical to ask the question here, where people having experience may help him, than just Googling and hoping you have the right material.

By anonymous

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13-09-2004, 18:55

CX5MII/128 could be converted to MSX2, the normal CX5M and the HX-10 are near impossible.

By dhau

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13-09-2004, 19:07

It will be much cheaper to pick up a nice Philips NMS 8245 for 30-40 euro max. You can probably upgrade any MSX1 computer to MSX2, but the cost of parts and work will go over 100 euro, which is very close to a price of MSX2+ computer.

By dhau

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13-09-2004, 19:09

I remember there was a kit from NEOS to upgrade any MSX1 to MSX2, but it had a lot of compartibility issues due to a slightly different VDP adresses. Plus it's a collector item and will cost you probably at least 150 euro if you're lucky to find one for sale.

By Jazzy

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13-09-2004, 20:14

Don't be too hard on him.Didn't mean to, had to add a smiley. Wink

By diabolus

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13-09-2004, 22:00

I did a msx2 job on my svi 738 coupla months ago. Parts cost 4 euros. But I still prefer using my real msx2, you will run in to compabilty issues sooner or later with these homemade stuffs. But I've found it a great fun to fiddle with these old machines.
And if you don't have msx2 already, 100 euros isn't too much for 8250/8255, I think. Although, you can find them much more cheaper, but 100e isn't too much for a great machine like that..=)

By acleiton

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13-07-2020, 15:20