Power throught cartridgeport.

By hamlet

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29-10-2018, 21:27

I read in facebook'S MSX Fanland community about a project which Chris Mills is trying to power up a MSX via the cartridgeports. This would be a great help for all people missing their PSUs. Butwhat do you think, are the leads strong enough for such a power flow?

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By gdx

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30-10-2018, 01:33

Some people do that but it's not a good idea because the tracks of the cartridge slot are not designed to raise the MSX's total intensity.

There is even one who sells an adapter. It can be useful just to repair an MSX, that's all but I would not recommend it for general use.

By Wierzbowsky

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30-10-2018, 02:39

What's the point of powering the MSX from the slot? There are many other ways to do this, for example using an ATX power supply or a custom power supply like these ones:


From my own experience I noticed that the wires for 5V DC and GND must be really thick to power the entire machine, including the disk drive. Thin wires won't be able to pump through a couple amps that the machine needs.

By hamlet

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30-10-2018, 07:50

Ok, thank you guys. My intention was to have a device for testing MSX without having a PSU, not to power them for a lifetime and of course not for use them disk drives.