Wireless connection with my GR8NET

By ray2day

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05-07-2016, 18:25

Today I received my Netgear Universal WiFi Internet Adapter (WNCE2001). My idea was to create a wireless connection with this device. And my idea appeared to be 100% correct, I tested it today and; IT WORKS! Now I can use GR8NET on a MVM clubmeeting, by connection through a hotspot from my iPhone (the WiFi will connect to the Netgear and it catches the internet signal and passes it through to GR8NET using a UTP cable). A milestone for the MSX future again! Cool Cool

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By enribar

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05-07-2016, 18:47

Me too I had this idea! It's useful when you expose stuff in computer meetings.
Happy to know it works on field, ready to purchase Tongue

By enribar

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05-07-2016, 18:54

The last thing to test is the connection to internet with a router that supports internet keys or sims.

By switch

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05-07-2016, 21:04

How about next Saturday ray2day?

By ray2day

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05-07-2016, 23:27

What about next Saturday? Well next Saturday I will be rocking, drinking beer, crowdsurfing, headbanging, slamdancing at Anthrax, Sacred Reich and Life of Agony at the Dynamo Metal Festival in Eindhoven. - This Saturday I will demonstrate the above configuration at the MVM clubmeeting in Mariënberg.

By enribar

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09-01-2017, 18:26

@ray2day : did the MSX Wi-Fi work at the MVM clubmeeting?

By luppie

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09-01-2017, 21:44

Inspired by ray2day, I connected my MSX to my WiFi network using a TP-LINK TL-WR703N Mini Wireless Router flashed with OpenWRT.

I've used these settings:

I've added a WWAN network, that connects to my WiFi (or the hotspot on my phone)

Put the network in the WAN network zone. (making this a reverse router. WAN is Wifi, Ethernet is LAN)

Bridge Interface with WiFi:

My setup:

Result : Connected to the Internet B-)

I think this is a nice small solution to connect GR8NET to GR8WiFi :hannibal:

By Sebbeug

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09-01-2017, 23:13

I tested WNCE2001, it's perfect (video inside):
(sorry it's in french...)

By jvaltane

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10-01-2017, 07:38

Asus WL330N also works well with GR8NET. Size is also quite compact. https://www.asus.com/Networking/WL330N/

I use wireless bridge to access network. I have my own home network with dhcp and bind9 servers.