ZX Spectrum hardware emulation on MSX

By mceiras

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24-01-2019, 17:51

Would be possible natively run zx-spectrum games on MSX with the FPGA-synthesized ULA in a cartridge in the same way that franky / Playsoniq does natively running Sega Master System games on MSX?

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By Pencioner

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24-01-2019, 18:04

Screen can be emulated technically (looks like memory mapped i/o device would serve that purpose nicely, mapped to 4000h address) but i bet some software which relies on exact timing for graphic effects (demos and some games) will not run correctly due to extra M1 wait in MSX

By TomH

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24-01-2019, 19:16

I would dare imagine IO collision would be a problem too?

The Spectrum idiomatically uses port FE for ULA access (which includes keyboard reading and 48kb sound output) but will accept any even address. Even well-behaved software that uses FE would surely trip over the MSX 8000-BFFF paging register? And there are bound to be games and demos that use some other even port with the expectation that the ULA will be there.

There's also a small handful of titles that read an undefined port to spy on the last fetched byte of video data. Everybody always cites Arkanoid. It's a really, really small handful though. I'm not sure that even works on a 128kb Spectrum.