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By tfh

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14-04-2019, 17:50

Manuel wrote:

Are all PDF files already on archive.org?

And we have a volunteer!

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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14-04-2019, 17:18

This is fantastic news that many users will appreciate. And if I have understood correctly, Hans gives his approval, so this is the best imaginable solution! Thank you TFH!

By sd_snatcher

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14-04-2019, 17:29

Thank you so much for hosting a mirror of Hans Otten's info pages, tfh!


Enlighted (5951)

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15-04-2019, 06:41

Very good to see this valuable page back online! Thank you!

By tfh

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16-04-2019, 22:08

Hans & I have been working hard together in the last few days and have converted the mirror to a static site and removed almost all active Wordpress content. Also most internal links have been corrected. There are bound to be a few errors left here & there, but... for the moment we're done. The search function doesn't work, and I don't intend on making it work or removing it from all pages.
All documents, images & pages should be available now.

Site itself: https://hansotten.file-hunter.com
All documents & images in an open dir: https://hansotten.file-hunter.com/uploads/files/

By Manuel

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16-04-2019, 23:21

Thanks for the hard work, both of you!

By Konamito

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17-04-2019, 21:08

I'm so glad that this information has been preserved and we can still enjoy it.

Thanks to Hans and you, Arnaud.

By djh1697

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12-05-2019, 22:36

Will you be able to add new info to the hansotten archive? Thank you for adding the link on your homepage too Wink

By tfh

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12-05-2019, 22:48

djh1697 wrote:

Will you be able to add new info to the hansotten archive? Thank you for adding the link on your homepage too Wink

Able: yes...
Planning: no...
I just put the mirror up as I have the space and bandwidth but I don't plan on maintaining it. Lack of time, and the fact that these are static pages now (originally they were WordPress pages), maintaining will be hell, as adding a menu item will require manually updating all .html files manually. There is no CMS anymore. Just a couple of hundred HTML files.
If someone is interested in maintaing it, they can always contact me and we can see if we can work something out.

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