Christmas quiz 2020

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By Samor

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27-12-2020, 18:59

I wasn't able to participate this year, but congrats to the winners! Smile

By defdanny

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28-12-2020, 09:36

hamlet wrote:

Congratulation to the winner of this years christmas quiz!
We will put the remaining participants on the list of our Lootbox in the order of the points awarded (as long as it is in motion again.) :)
Thanks again to everyone for taking part and guessing!
See you next year!

Wooow, what a surprise! I did not expect that, since I was not following the Quizmas thread for the last few days. Today, I received an e-mail from hamlet with the good news. I am very happy to win the Philips Music Module, because I sold mine a few years ago (and regret that). Now, my good ole Philips VG8235 can reunite again with the MM, and is able to play back my old FAC Soundtracker creations:

Thank you all and hamlet especially for this big fun Quizmas 2020!

By gdx

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28-12-2020, 10:47

Congratulation to the winner! I did not participate this year. I devoted my time to MSX stuff (a little on the wiki and on some very late projects).

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