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By Manuel

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29-03-2020, 14:13

So, except the parts of your interview, there is no MSX content, right? (Saves me quite some more hours of listening...)

By hamlet

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29-03-2020, 15:32

Ah! No, there is no other MSX related content.

By defdanny

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21-05-2020, 01:21

Hello Andreas and welcome to the MSX community!
And big thumbs up for the Retrokompott podcast in general, and especially for the MSX related episodes!

I have to repeat it here, can't be said often enough:

Dear hamlet, dear Mi-Chi,
today I finished to listen to the last (5th) MSX episode of the Retrokompott podcast. I really, really enjoyed to listen to Mi-Chi and you during the last weeks, the episodes were fully packed with information, many new facts I did not know yet.
Episode 5 was the most interesting to me, because you gave a very good overview of the MSX scene today: game developement, the homebrew scenes in Spain, Russia, Brazil, NL, how to get started with MSX, very nice links to other, more popular systems ... seems like showmaster Patrick of the Retrokompott Podcast became a bit tired over the time ?! Wink

It really was a pleasure (I am repeating myself) to hear about "my" system, that I live with and am in love with since 1983 (when I got the Sony HitBit HB75D as a christmas present!), in German language after a long time!

Your biggest fan and one of the 5 remaining German MSX Users ;-)
Def Danny

By Calindro

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21-05-2020, 16:04

Welcome Andreas!

This is Michael from Germany. Also new to this community. Smile

Until last month I had only heard about the MSX and I have also never seen one in real life.
In this last month I have seen a photo of an MSX for the very first time and I have learned a lot about the system thanks to Huey. Smile
I really liked what I learned and saw about the MSX so now I even added emulation of the MSX to my emulator. Smile

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