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By emceebois

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04-06-2023, 11:39

Hello MSX forum! I'm just getting into MSX and am very excited reading some of what's here! I'm a bit of a wallflower in the video game preservation scene so I'm currently trying to find service manuals for VHD players. That way the Domesday Duplicator can be adapted to work with VHD (it currently works to make replicas of laserdisc and VHS tapes). If we have Domesday Duplicator working then VHD games themselves (not just the cassettes) can finally be backed up! Someday it could even become possible to play them without requiring a giant esoteric hardware collection.

For the time being, I do need to start assmebling that esoteric hardware myself for testing purposes.

I got particularly excited by popolon's work on the IF-C9D. My attempts to reply to his thread directly seem to be going in a black hole (maybe my account is too new?) but I'm hoping there's a BOM (bill of materials) for how to build an IF-C9C replacement using his open source schematics for the IF-C9D plus the dumped ROM for the CALL VHD command. That seems like it might be the best way to get a working VHD interface if it works!

Anyways, happy to be here regardless. Nice to meet you all!

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By aoineko

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04-06-2023, 13:59

Welcome to MSX's world Smile

I can't answer your question (I'm just a programmer guy) but if some can help you, he's probably around.

By mars2000you

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04-06-2023, 15:06


Coming with the same post in 2 threads is the best way to be ignored.

Also consider that not everybody is permanently checking what happens on this forum. Being so impatient to get an answer from popolon_ is not reasonable.

Note: There's indeed a waiting period for the 1st message posted here. And what I've just said about 'checking what happens on this forum' is also true for moderators.

By emceebois

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04-06-2023, 18:04

I looked around for new poster etiquette/limits but couldn't figure out why my reply in popolon's thread wasn't showing up. I thought that it might be a difference between trying to reply to existing threads before making an introduction thread, since that's a thing on some other forums. VP explained the situation to me over email.

I apologize for the duplicate posts! I promise I was just trying to figure out what the rules were and then play by them Smile