Late late Easter Egg!

By ren

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23-04-2020, 19:18

So, this is/was my Easter-Egg / stay-at-home project, got a bit delayed.. Smile

It's an (evolved) spin-off of something I've been working on.

The workings on touch (esp. mobiles) may still be quirky (WIP).

Since it's single page / JS based, if you feel something's not working right, try to refresh the page. I'll be working on this / pushing updates continuously. Also the site could be temporary down from time to time (still setting things up).

In the coming days I'll add some extra 'prods', and I'm working an another cool gadget Smile

Also I want to implement a 'kids' (6-12 and 10+) toggle fairly quickly. By default it's in kids 40+ mode ;-)

Here's the (current) 'personal' link:

Have fun! (Lemme know what you think ;))

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By Dolphin101546015

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23-04-2020, 19:47

Denis added two new free games here, do you know?

Also about your project: It's pretty good! I like design too much!
You must keep working! Wink

By ren

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23-04-2020, 20:01

Thanks! I'll keep at it Wink

I've got many ideas, but it's also pretty time consuming.. Fun though Smile

Yes, I'm aware of the new games, they'll find their place in due time Smile

Btw: for those who use both: is it me, or does WebMSX in Chrome have a bit more trouble keeping sync / steady pace (compared to Firefox)? Esp. noticeable when running Syntax Infinity. (Will have to do some more tests though to assess.)

By FiXato

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23-04-2020, 20:03

Looks very nice Smile
I would move the settings 'tab' a bit lower though, so that it won't overlap the window buttons when a window is maximised:

By ren

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23-04-2020, 20:18

Thanks FiXato, yeah, part of the (current) 'quirks', we'll get to that Wink

By geijoenr

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23-04-2020, 22:01

cool stuff!

By ren

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24-04-2020, 01:02


Some issues regarding WMSX (which might be due to my implementation):

* hi-hat in SI sounds distorted after running/playing UGamma;
* animated bg might affect performance (turn it off by using 'toggle').

More investigation tomorrow.

By ren

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25-04-2020, 18:48

WebMSX will now be loaded in an iframe. This fixes the audio bug, and is prolly the most reliable way of embedding anyway. + Now you can run multiple WMSX machines simultaneously, for your serious online MSX-ing needs Nishi

This should be enabled by default, you can change to the old behaviour via the Settings menu.

I made a boo-boo btw, things were borked a little while, should be fine now.

Pérez the Mouse is up! Hannibal

By ren

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26-04-2020, 17:24


  • updated Night Knight's icon & fixed images not showing in readme;
  • added Vectroids*;
  • fixed bug where bg img would disappear completely when toggling';
  • bg img will now be auto-paused when starting WMSX. Vectroids was another good example of effect on performance. (Not working reliably ATM when starting multiple WMSX apps).

* there are some issues with the title screen music. At first it won't play at all, later, after a game over, it will play. Real MSX'es / other emulators have different issues here (see reports).

1. WMSX's 'Help & Settings' won't show when the screen (window) is too small;
2. there's a bug where you first have to move the window around before it's becoming responsive again.

By ren

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09-05-2020, 00:06

You asked for it: NYYRIKKI's Fin Lander is now up!