OCM - how to resolve from badly upgrade

By oGie

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26-12-2007, 22:16

I've been using a Japanese OCM for some time.
There have been quite a few things that i wished
to improve by upgrading the machinery..

The eccho and sound sparks that follows when
resetting or startup the machine.

The annoying led's running side to side.

Properly SD usage LED.

I dont know if the English & Japanese codes
is interchangeable regardless of region-version OCM?
(ok, maybe they are..) i'm no expert.

So, how the h*** do i resolve from a badly upgrade?
- I used pldload.com found on the net.

Do i need special cables, and where
do they sell these?

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By Guillian

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27-12-2007, 12:19

Perhaps using an Altera JTAG cable like ByteBlaster. Here is the scheme
You can try to update the FPGA code using Quartus II and the JTAG cable.

By multi

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27-12-2007, 13:43

i bought my cable here: http://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?Language=English&CategoryNo=39&No=46
had it at home within only 2 days after ordering :)

By oGie

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27-12-2007, 15:43

Thanks for the advices!!
I will try to get that cable..

How about the FPGA codes, are there different
versions regarding region? (european / japanese)
- And if, they're inter-changeable?

PS. When using pldload.com, it was successfully loaded.
But it requires to be loaded into the core after resetting?
I think i pressed reset twice, or shut-down the OCM too fast,
making the code jammed, corrupted. Don't know.

Well, lets try that cable Smile

By multi

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27-12-2007, 16:10

How about the FPGA codes, are there different versions regarding region? (European / Japanese)

There is no European version... and if you ask me, I got the feeling it won't come before the Japanese one is sold out either. More than a year they did totally nothing on a European version, and then they come with the story: "we can't say anything about if and when it comes. But if it will, it will be sold in Japan also as a special edition". I can actually count 1 and 1 together and come up with the answer of ... tada ... "2" ... what they basically didn't want to say flat out is that: if the Japanese stock will be sold out (in a normal timeframe), they go make a special edition for Japan. Oh and Europe can buy it too then maybe.

With that info I figured I go buy a Japanese version before it accidentally is sold out while the D4E company decided the OCM is not commercially interesting. I am glad I did because when my friend went to Japan and bought the OCM in the D4E store in Tokyo, the personnel was very confused he actually insisted to buy the OCM. They were trying to sell him some other device instead because the other device had a joystick and was actually popular… ( I think it was a Super Nintendo clone or something)

By oGie

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27-12-2007, 16:34

Haha. Ok.. Anyway, the MSX have a large group of followers
in Japan -so i understand they aim at them. But ofcourse, there
are many in Europe too.

Yep i got mine OCM from a Japanese friend, but as im the
sole user of this system in my whereabout, i am left alone
to figure out what to do. No support at all.
Well there's google infos, but most of it is Japanese.
Not to mention the D4E CD-Rom contents.
So i had to try this forum..

I really think its lack of instructions how to handle the OCM.
Have i missed something? So i'm not a coding genius, but i
still wish to have a up-to-date OCM.
And who cares to send it away across the continent each
time to get a fixup.

Ya, thats the price of having a Japanese-only thingy.

By msxrestarter

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27-12-2007, 18:31

Maybe this could help ;)

By oGie

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27-12-2007, 19:12

Informative page indeed.
"Loading System ROMs from SD-card"

Can this be done after a hardware crash?
If the OCM is blacked out, with no signal to
the video-out ports after a pld upgrade?

Ah, guess i need the
terasic cable.. redo the whole system.

By Latok

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27-12-2007, 19:23


Definitely try this. It worked great for me. And I'm a real techno n00b :P