How I can hacking msx

By zangief

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18-02-2008, 21:55


I want hack some roms in msx but I don't know how I can do for this

if anyone know about for this please post here

I waiting any respond Smile

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By [D-Tail]

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18-02-2008, 22:12

Just use a hexeditor. Search a bit on that term and see what pops up.

By zangief

Resident (36)

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19-02-2008, 00:26

I don't know how I work in this brogram can you give me Tutorials for this program

By hap

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19-02-2008, 00:41

By nikodr

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19-02-2008, 09:46

could it be possible for the msx scene to create additional explainations for our beloved machine?I would love to see some articles regarding Konami msx roms for example.How to find graphics or sprite data and change them.

Actually i did this for games such as Metal Gear 1.It's exactly like the guide says.Changing specific hex data,places other graphics on screen.However where those sprite data are located is uknown to me.I didnt bother to use bluemsx dissasembler to find out.

So is anyone up to the task ?It would make a fine addition to the Msx Faq list i thinkSmile