Outer Limits, Peach Up/Momonoki House

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By JohnHassink

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03-04-2004, 04:51

I used to have a game, according to the titlescreen called "Outer Limits", which appeared to be part of the Peach Up-series, but I don't think it was on one of their "diskstations".
It was on one disk, which used to be my father's, when he was still MSX-ing.
I really really enjoyed it, but...
After defeating the first boss and (supposedly) nearly reaching the second, the game will ask for (in Japanese) "Peach-disk 2".

Now I'm thinking, damn, I always wanted to complete that game. I searched on the internet, with no results. Does someone know some specifications so I can get/buy the game?

If you have a vague idea which game I'm talkin' about but you need some extra info:

It's sort of a Dungeon Master/old Might and Magic clone. First person view, non-real time battling (as in i.e. Dragonslayer 6). Greyish graphics. Dark atmosphere. Very nice music.
Your player characters are 3 girls, and the initial enemies consist of rats, cockroaches and pretty scary humanoids.

Do you know?

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Hero (557)

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03-04-2004, 05:11

I know the game.. but had the same prob here...

By JohnHassink

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03-04-2004, 05:20

Ah, I just discovered, it's Peach Up 5.

So they don't seem to have finished the game or something?
How can they do that to us! *cry* :)

By BiFi

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03-04-2004, 12:53

IIRC there were various game types of Outer Limits. Some maze-type game and I can recall an arcade style (a shooter to be exact) version.

By anonymous

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03-04-2004, 15:05

I really liked that dungeon game too. But there really are 2 disks in Peach Up 5, so you should have the 2nd disk. (and else look for it Tongue)

By Argon

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03-04-2004, 16:08


I have the second disk if you want it.
Contact me.

By thinlizzy

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04-04-2004, 19:46

are you doing piracy on the forum?

By SolidEric

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04-04-2004, 20:01

maybe he wants to sell it

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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04-04-2004, 21:00

are you doing piracy on the forum?
You're one to talk... Don't worry, if there's piracy going on it will be dealt with.

By Argon

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05-04-2004, 08:19

I'm not doing any piracy Smile
Actually I didn't send him a disk image.

So don't worry Tongue

By Mafcase

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31-12-2004, 19:51

I would like to know if the 'problem' is solved with the Peach Up #5 B disk?

Was wondering if this ain't just a demo... 'cause the original game consists of 4 disks.


Must say this game is also fun! (even made a map from the first floor...) Does somebody knows HOW to enter another floor?? I managed to find a stairs leading down at: X:9, Y:1) but I can't enter the stairs! (instead of that there is a lot of Japanese txt)



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