Search for Tracker for CX5M

By paulsoulsby

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31-12-2002, 17:47

I've just got a CX5M with SFG05 and also YRM101 and YRM102 ROMs. I've been happily making nice FM sounds with the Voice Programmer, but can not get on at all with the staff view of the Composer ROM.

What I really need is a tracker for it, but I'm not having much luck in finding one. Apparently there are quite a few for MSX2s, but I can't afford to splash out for one. Does anyone know of a tracker for the normal CX5M?

I also got a copy of What MSX from 1985 with the CX5M and in it is an advert for a tracker for the CX5M made by Digital Music Systems. I phoned the shop and amazingly they are still going, but the software programmer left 10 years ago, taking his software with him. His name is Abdul Ibrihim (I think) and if anyone knows how I could get hold of him (or his tracker software!!), please let me know.

many thanks - Paul. Big smile

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By anonymous

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31-12-2002, 18:26

Software for the Yamaha SFG modules is rare. I know of no trackers that support it, not on any MSX. I believe non-yamaha software is even more rare.

I do have the ambition to write a tracker for it someday, but it will definitely be for MSX2.

And about that tracker programmer, if his former employer doesn't know how to get a hold of him, I think you're pretty much screwed Tongue

You'd think there should be at least one or two people that own some good software for it, but unfortunately the CX5M scene seems pretty disconnected from the rest of us. Most CX5M owners don't even realize it's a computer with which you can do more than just make music.