are MK PD (Public Domain) disks available?

By Cayce

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21-01-2023, 21:40

Is the "MK-PD" a.k.a. Martin Kruit Public Domain collection available?
I remember seeing racks of floppies at conventions in Zandvoort & Tilburg.

MRC mentions only hardware.
Generation-MSX also mentions software, but most seem copyrighted to me. Just one with a 'MK-PD xxx' product code ;)

I had to look through quite a few of my old mags, but finally found proof of my memory: MCM 45 page 4 and MCCM 58/45 page 42&43 mention "over 2400 titles of MK public domain software."
Yes, you had to pay for these - but I assume that was just for the floppy and postage?
True Public Domain is free/gratis.

There is an "MCWF PD Archive" * online but I found no MK. Is this collection lost?

*) interestingly, MCCM 58/45 page 43 mentions MSX Club West-Friesland - but not as MK Public Domain Software reseller.

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By Sylvester

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22-01-2023, 14:44

MCCM 58/45 page 43 mentions MAD as the MK Public Domain Software reseller. The MAD MK public domain is released on the MCCM cd's (the complete collection was around 830 disks, the collection on the CD isn't complete), but not sure if the MAD and MK collections are merged by MAD.