Complete maps of Maze of Galious

By mars2000you

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15-06-2016, 19:00

It's my preferred game on the MSX system and there are yet many different maps as help for this great game, but no any of them is really satisfying me, so I've created my own maps, with especially names of the items, indications for the locations where ladders can disappear, new walls can appear, fairies can be 'called' ...

As the screenshots are not resized contrary to other available maps, the ZIP package includes 3 PNG files :
- the Castle
- the Worlds 1 to 5
- the Worlds 6 to 10

Enjoy ! Smile

(Will be later available on MRC)

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By Gamut

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10-06-2021, 23:28

These maps may be the most useful ones I've seen. Thanks.

Knitpicking: the ROM has a room that your map does not show. The room is inaccessible (no entrances) and consists only of walls. But: it does have a room number in code/rom/firmware.

Only shevek's map (copy at, room 094) has it. It is at the location where one would expect a room to be because of symmetry. The castle is symmetric without the room with the Cross (room 096), becomes asymmetric with the Cross room, becomes symmetric again with the all brick room (094).

(shevek's map is purely based on digesting ROM contents directly.)

Since the all brick room is inaccessible, I get it no-one knows about it and therefore don't draw it, or don't want to draw it.

End of knitpicking. Restating your maps is possibly the most useful one I know. Congrats and thanks.