Delayed Konami MSX release dates

By Vahan

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12-06-2021, 04:11

Besides Uranai Sensation, which was supposed to come out in February 1988, were there any other Konami MSX games that got delayed?

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By Randam

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12-06-2021, 07:48

Yes a few but I don't know them by heart. SD Snatcher was so far off internal deadlines that people from other teams helped and MG2SS even got put on hold for a bit, even though it was (almost) finished. I think SD Snatcher was released at a later date than initially announced.

Breakshot got moved and then was cancelled. Tentochito I don't think had a set release data yet.

Urunai Sensation was perhaps at first not so penguin oriented as it is now, judging from the original title. Maybe that is why it got delayed a bit...