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By robbert

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05-10-2021, 22:46

Hello All i want to make a few edits in the bios rom and the sub rom is there a way to open them on windows i want do do this mod
Patch by NYYRIKKI on 50/60 HZ selection on boot on a 825x/8280

Needed modifications to NMS8250 SUB-ROM:

#0422: 8C,3E
#3E8C: CD, 3C, 06, DB, AA, E6, F0, F6, 03, D3, AA, DB, A9, E6, 20, C8, AF, 32, E8, FF, C9

While boot logo is displayed, push “H”-key down untill beep to start in 50Hz mode, otherways 60Hz mode will be selected.

can someone help me whit this Smile

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