Japanese Speech Samples in Games

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By JohnHassink

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20-09-2017, 21:29

A few Japanese games feature speech samples, but - understandable for the technology at the time - they sound quite crude and I wonder if anything is actually said.

  • Eggerland 2, at the title and game start (second one does sound a bit like "Don't stop!" though)
  • Youma Kourin, before a stage boss loads (may just be some kind of growl)
  • Ninjya Kage at game start and at the end of each loop (pretty sure something is said)

I've collected and uploaded these examples, in this order, here:

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By Manuel

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20-09-2017, 22:43

In Eggerland 2 you hear "Meikyushinwa!" (the Japanese title of the game, meaning something like Labyrinth Myth, or Labyrinth Saga) at the title.

By JohnHassink

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20-09-2017, 22:53

Cool, thanks. Smile It's actually easily discernable if you know it.

By ren

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20-09-2017, 23:02

In Aleste 2 the protagonist (what's her name again), calls out (the name of) the weapon you select (I figure) + there's some other speech right? Has this been translated and shared / written down somewhere yet?

Official Topic? (capitals)

By Imanok

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20-09-2017, 23:53

@ren: she says her name (Ellinor Waizen) and something else at game start.

Regarding other japanese speech samples, the ones from Madou Monogatari 1 2 3 are really fantastic Wink

By wyrdwad

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21-09-2017, 00:54

Lots of speech samples in Akanbe Dragon, though they're so compressed that they're nearly incomprehensible.

The clearest speech samples I can think of are in the Pac Man clone "Oh Shit!" (also called "Oh No!" after censoring, and released in Japan as just "Shit"). Wink


By wyrdwad

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21-09-2017, 00:56

Oh yeah, there's also a Donkey Kong clone called "The Apeman Strikes Again" that says "He is coming for you!" via speech sampling before each stage. For... some reason. Wink


By MP83

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21-09-2017, 01:19

In Hudson Soft's Fire Rescue, there's a guy on the roof of a burning building shouting two lines in Japanese. One of them is clearly "Tasukete!" (Help me!), but I've no idea what the other one is supposed to be.

By wyrdwad

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21-09-2017, 01:31

Whoops! Somehow failed to notice this was only for Japanese games.

Akanbe Dragon counts, though!


By sd_snatcher

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21-09-2017, 01:36

Some other Japanese games that had speech samples:

- Super Laydock
- Laydock-2
- Madou Monogatari
- Rune Master 2

By meits

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21-09-2017, 03:37

Fray (turbo R version)

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