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By MäSäXi

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30-11-2014, 19:36

hit9918 wrote:

Another example, just recently was shown an MSX1 game with beauty background. That can't have been a C64 CPC ZX port. Practicaly 8bit homecomputers should be avoided if you want inspiration for MSX tiles.

.......but by carefully checking 1980s Amstrad CPC 464 and Commodore 64 loading screens, you may find inspiration how to do very colourful loading screens (or title screens for cartridge release). I mean that not every single outline should be one pixel wide. If you can accept a bit of blockiness to certain parts of your picture, you can make much more colourful picture. Smile The result can be a bit similar like in Commodore 64´s multicolour mode. When making vertical pixel line, pixels will look blocky, but horizontal lines can be thin. Smile One inspiration could be to play Level 9´s graphical adventures, their graphics look quite like Amstrad/Atari/Commodore 64 "blocky mode" graphics. Smile Some screens from Level 9´s graphical adventures nearly look like they are not meant to exist on MSX-1! Smile Which is not a bad thing at all! Smile

By wilsone73

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21-12-2014, 15:13

There is an amazing version of Rodland for the spectrum 128, would that be possible to convert to msx?
a cartridge game would be amazing! Pang is on it's way which is excellent news, But Rodland, space harrier and Ghouls n ghosts for msx1 would be just as welcome Big smile

By wilsone73

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21-12-2014, 15:15

Also Commando ( wolf of the battlefield in japan) is a game that is crying out to be remade! It's a very poor version and i am sure that someone with the talent and time could make it much better. and burgertime could also be remade with better graphics and movement Smile

By Kai Magazine

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21-12-2014, 21:43

Hello, I am Oscar Kenneth, from Kai Magazine.

what do you think about the port we just released yesterday at the MSX barcelona Reunion?

Video of an msx running a port of the Illusion City Mega CD intro demo

We made this demo for Gigarom cartridge and mass storage devices.
This new hardware opens a whole world of new possibilities for the msx2.

The images are Screen 5 (16 colors) since we needed the 4 pages to do most of the animations. (screen8 has 2 pages only)
Each sequence has been captured from the original mega cd demo, de-composed, cleared, prepared to fit into the msx2 vram memory, and converted from the original 64 colors to 16 colors with great effort. The graphic conversion took near 2 months.
We decoded nothing. Anyway, since the msx2 lacks many hardware effects the mega CD has, we had to emulate some of those effects with software.
It was all coded with Turbo Basic (Kun basic) right from scratch, and it took me 7 full days to encode (this is the wonderful thing about Turbo Basic, you can program at a very fast speed since you do not need to compile every time you want to see the results) and it is very powerfull too, if you know its tricks and limitations.
All our previous games (lilo, no name, nuts) were made with Turbo basic.

By sunn

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06-10-2021, 08:15

Old subject but I was thinking... most users have MSX2 (or better) now. What about porting Atari St Rodland to MSX2? The music is really nice and also graphics. What do you guys think?

By AxelStone

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06-10-2021, 16:12

It's curious that some of you are talking about Rodland and I agree, it's a very very nice game in Atari ST. For MSX2 version the most difficult part should be the sprites, they are so colorful that should be a pity use hard sprites instead of soft sprites to maintain the framerate high.

By st1mpy

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06-10-2021, 20:50

Spectrum version of that game looks good. (Graphics and movements are smooth).

By erpirao

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06-10-2021, 21:30

I think that in msx2 that game could be done without much drama.
even using new techniques, from a cartridge (SF2 ..), it could be tried even in sc7
that game in sc7 can be a blast.

By Grauw

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07-10-2021, 02:02

Since the screen doesn’t scroll, and the framerate does not need to reach 60 fps, it looks pretty feasible to me to do with the MSX2 VDP command engine without resorting to complicated tricks.

By gdx

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08-10-2021, 17:14

What i like about Rod Land is that:

... and the musics from arcade version!

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