What is the best way to run games on a OCM ?

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By barroidh

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23-04-2014, 17:02

Thanks luppie . It is working now , followed all the steps but didn't copy the bios .EP.COM seemed to be corrupted ,so I downloaded it again .

By AxelStone

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24-04-2014, 22:45

mygodess wrote:

@Marq MegaFlash is working on OCM.

However there is no interest in making it work, isn't it? This is, OCM has by itself all MegaFlashRom features: dsk emulation, rom loader, SCC and a big ammount of RAM (up to 4Mb).

By toughkidCST

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07-09-2016, 23:14

Newest version of mglOcm v1.8f released.

- Enabled external slot1 for media peripheral like Sunrise-IDE, SD/MMC, MegaflashSDSCC, etc...
( unserviceable Konami 2nd Cartridge option '/k' when above case)

- Many MSX cartridge games stability improvement.

download here -> http://toughkidmsx.appspot.com/

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