A complete MSX collection for sale

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By Maico Arts

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17-03-2014, 20:15

After a lot of years with a lot of fun with MSX and now already 4 or 5 years doing nothing with it, I am looking for someone who wants to buy my complete collection of MSX material in one buy. No I am not asking for 5000 euros. Make me a decent offer:

2x Panasonic Turbo-R GT (both with 220V power supply internally)
2x Philips MSX 2
4x philips monitor
2x philips music module (1 has switch for alternative i/o port-setup)
1x video 9000
1x moonsound
3x gouda scsi interface (1 is on different i/o ports)
2x bert scsi interface
2x megascsi scsi interface
1x joypad
several mice
several joysticks
1x trackball
1x svi robot arm
lots of books and magazines, mainly written in dutch
lots of diskettes with who knows what kind of software
1x extra-density floppy drive with scsi controler (works with Bert SCSI interface)
3x 4mb megamapper
1x 1mb megamapper
1x ninja tap
1x IDE-CF convertor
1x sunrise ide/rs232 interface
1x sunrise CF ata-ide interface
2x philips serial interface
1x philips barcode reader
1x sanyo lightpen
1x sony digitizer
1x panasonic handscanner
3x 4-port slot expander (1 with external power supply)

several cartridges:
HSH msx dos 2.20
Konami salamander, yie ar kung fu 2, kings valley, pinguin adventure
eggerland mystery

including konami salamander, nemesis 2 and 3

1x iomega zip drive IDE, internal
1x iomega zipdrive (scsi) with 25 to 30 zipdisks
1x iomega jaz-drive with several jaz disks
several scsi cdrom drives in casings
scsi harddisks in casings

If I find more, I will try to extend this list.

Kind regards,
Maico Arts
Oss, Netherlands

By meits

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17-03-2014, 20:25

Hi Maico,
When selling your collection seperate, you can make more money than you think. This whole stash is a bit too much to buy in one go I guess... There's a lot of rare and wanted hardware in this list...
Yes, it might take a while to get rid of all of it, but I have a hard head in you finding a buyer for the whole stash any earlier Wink
Just a thought...

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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17-03-2014, 20:45

ja man...

By Maico Arts

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17-03-2014, 20:50

Hi Meits,

I know you are right about it. But I don't want to take a lot of time to sell everyting piece by piece...
Want to place a bid? Tongue

By Maico Arts

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17-03-2014, 20:53

If anyone wants to make money by selling everything seperately, be my guest and make me an offer...

By HansO

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17-03-2014, 21:01

Hi Marco,

A quick count makes this lot have a conservative value of over 2500 euro if sold separately.

I know, because it took me more than 2 years and many hours for my own collection (it was much larger though) to make photos and descriptions and also many many trips to the post office. A lot of work, but my investments were returned and it was fun to talk to all these csutomers.

If you sell it as one lot, some clever salesman will buy it for much less than 2500 and slowly sell it for perhaps 5000 as separate items on ebay. Your choice ofcourse.

By Maico Arts

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17-03-2014, 21:03

Hi Hans,

Do you want to do that? For now I don't...

By Opethian

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17-03-2014, 22:05

damn would love a GT. Can it still run on 100V?

By edoz

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17-03-2014, 22:08

Nice list if hardware!... Are you sure.. It sounds so bad to leave the msx scene... Impressive this list... Hmmmm one sell...

By Maico Arts

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17-03-2014, 22:16

Hmm, apparently I cannot edit the original post anymore...

I found some more...

konami f1-spirot, kings valley 2
turbo 5000
american truck
a plotter
I even have 4 philips music modules
And a Roland MT32...
And ofcourse there're lot of cables... including the scsi cables of course

By Maico Arts

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17-03-2014, 22:12

Nope. The 110V transformers have been removed and I don't have them anymore.

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