By daniel683104

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26-02-2012, 18:37

I have a panasonic TURBO R FS-A1ST that has some internal mod such as 512K memory expansion and 220V rewired TR that allows to plug it in directly to 220V. The pictures are as follows:


The price is 315 euros with 512K memory and 220V  or
285 euros with 512k memory and original 100V

Everything is texted and in good working conditions (Keyboard, FDD with new belt, cartidgle slots and Joysticks) as you may see on pictures no yellow keyboard and a very good looking shape. You may check my sales backround and you may see that I am a trusty seller.

The computer is located on Spain aprox shipping cost is around 40 euros to most EU countries: If you wish to buy more computers from me such panasonic FSA1WX or WSX and some others like Sony F1XDJ you will safe some money due combine shipping. For more questions please contact me on:

dcorreaib at

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By benedick

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28-02-2012, 03:04

He is a trusty seller guys and this is a sexy Turbo R.

By daniel683104

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22-03-2012, 18:41

computer sold