WTS Panasonic FS A1 WSX (512K)+ SDMMC PADIAL

By daniel683104

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03-12-2011, 14:05

I have a Panasonic FS A1 WSX with a memory upgrade of 512K all funtions have been test and the computer has been clean deeply.The FDD belt is new and I will include and extra one for replacement. There is a chance of buying it with the SDMM Padial card (already has a konami case) and also with a 220V internal modification. Price is:

Computer 512K = 210 Euros
Computer 512K + Padial Card (with konami case) = 285 Euros
Computer 512K + Padial Card (with Konami case) + 220V internal modification = 315 Euros

Shipment go on buyers


contact me on: dcorreaib at telefonica.net

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By faxerpelle

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17-01-2012, 21:48

Just sent you an e-mail

By benedick

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31-01-2012, 06:46

I've bought an MSX2+ from Daniel before and it was totally worth it. I encourage you guys to go for it, he does really a good job with the machines!

By faxerpelle

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31-01-2012, 08:23

I can confirm. I've received mine few days ago. Perfect package and very fast delivery.

I love my A1WSX! Big smile