Best MSX game song ever [nominations part II]

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By snout

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28-07-2003, 15:25

EDITED: 28-07-2003; 19:00 CET

Ok, response to the best MSX game song ever nominations round was a lot higher than expected. It's impossible to host hundreds of songs on MSX Radio, so we have to take the following measures.

1 - We will have three smaller mega-polls. First we will look at the best PSG song ever, then the best SCC song ever and finally the best MSX-MUSIC song ever.

2 - 'All song' nominations have all been disqualified. Specify one or two songs you like the most, not an entire game.

After removing 'all' and unclear entries, this is the full list of nominees as of now:

PSG songs:

Auf Wiedersehen Monty - Game
BMX simulator - intro
Deathwish 3 - In-game
Feud - game
Firebird - Enddemo
Hype - In-game
International Karate - intro
Knightmare - level 1
Krak out - intro
Maze of Galious - game
Metal gear - Intro+game (KSS0)
Mr Ghost - Game
Nemesis 1 - Secret stage
Nemesis 1 - Battle
Penguin Adventure - Snow stage
Penguin Adventure - Stage 3
Pitfall II - In-game
Shalom - Intro
Shinkugyokuden - Intro
Starquake - intro
Sweet acorn - Game
Testament - Intro
Time trax - game
Trailblazer - intro
Usas - Juba ruins
Usas - Mohenjo daro
Venom Strikes Back (Mask III) - Intro

SCC songs:

F1 spirit - End song
Kings Valley 2 - Tune that starts like introsong
Kings Valley 2 - World (KSS 5)
Metal Gear 2 - First intro
Nemesis 2 - Between worlds (KSS 10)
Nemesis 2 - Endtune
Nemesis 2 - intro
Nemesis 2 - Level 5
Nemesis 3 - Endtune
Nemesis 3 - Intro
Nemesis 3 - Weapon select
Parodius - World 1
Salamander - Introdemo
Salamander - Planet Kierke
Salamander - Stage 1
Salamander - Stage 1 boss
SD Snatcher - action music
SD Snatcher - Church song
SD Snatcher - Ending
SD Snatcher - Escaping the platform
SD Snatcher - Factory
SD Snatcher - First intro
SD Snatcher - game over
SD Snatcher - Introdemo 1
SD Snatcher - Introdemo,part 2
SD Snatcher - Pre-ending
SD Snatcher - Randam Hajile's first appearance
Solid Snake - ? (KSS 49)
Solid Snake - Song when Markova dies
Space manbow - Ending (KSS 11)
Space manbow - Wold (KSS
Space manbow - World (KSS 5)
Space manbow - Introdemo
Space manbow - Stage 2

MSX-Music songs:

Bet your life - Intro
D.A.S.S. - Ending
D.A.S.S. - Level music (Flying on a string)
Dragon Slayer VI - intro
Dragon Slayer VI - outside/game
Dragon Slayer VI - Pirate caves
Dragon Slayer VI - village/game
Feedback - intro
Fray - First village theme
Fray - Introdemo, final part
Fray - Sad song (Latok's letter)
Fray intro - part 1
Hydefos - intro
Illusion City - Introdemo, part 2
Psycho world - intro
Psycho world - level 1
Psycho world - Level 6
Rune worth - Intro
Xak 1 - Introdemo
Xak 1 - Palace of fire
Xak 2 - intro (i43)
Xak 2 - intro (i45)
Xak 2 - intro (i46)
Xak Tower of Gazzel - Endtune
Xak Tower of Gazzel - i10
Xak Tower of Gazzel - i15
Xak Tower of Gazzel - i17
Xak Tower of Gazzel - Introdemo part 3
Xak Tower of Gazzel - Tower/start
YS2 - Intro
YS3 - Clock tower
YS3 - Ending
YS3 - Snow stage
Undeadline - Full intro

That makes 28 PSG songs, 35 SCC songs and 35 MSX-Music songs. I'd like to have 40 songs each in each megapoll which means you can still nominate 12 PSG songs, 5 SCC songs and 5 MSX-music songs. Everybody can submit only one song from now on. If there are still not 40 entries a soundchip by friday, this one-song limitation is dropped until there ARE 40 entries a soundchip Wink

Perhaps there are still some double nominations left. There might even be games listed in the wrong soundchip-table. Please help us spot them as well. Also I'd like to have better descriptions for songs with ixx of KSS numbers.

By Latok

msx guru (3873)

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28-07-2003, 15:47

Darn, I forgot to nominate the L'Affaire introtune Tongue

By Thom

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28-07-2003, 15:50

2 things: a) where can I get this ixx (or Imagine][ ??) and b) I said Deathwish 3 - In-Game, but probably I meant the intro as the game might not have any In-Game music. Will check this...

By Bart

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28-07-2003, 15:53

Maze of Galious - game
Maze of Galious - Start point

prolly meaning the same music... As it is different throughout the castle the 2nd entry suits best i think.

By snout

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28-07-2003, 16:02

ok that might be 2 double titles removed. Which helps quite a bit actually Smile Those imagine things? Wolf??? where did you get it? Smile

Latok - you can still nominate L'affaire, but you'd have to remove another song

To be complete (and to remind some people)

Aleste 2, Usas, F1 spirit, Firehawk, Starship Rendezvous, Penguin Adventure, Out run MSX1, Flash Gordon, Solid Snake, Quarth, Pumpkin Adventure 3 and Robocop had 'all song' nominations and were thus removed.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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28-07-2003, 16:39

Pff, Firehawk has some of the best game music in the history of the universe, and you removed it?! Evil

If MSX Radio isn't up to snuff, I suggest quitting this poll entirely. It's no use... Crying
The Best MSX(2) Game megapolls were already about hundreds of games, and there are hundreds more games with great music, but less good gameplay.

This doesn't deserve the title MEGApoll.

By wolf_

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28-07-2003, 16:42

Imagine][, that RARE piece of SW, if I may say so Smile

I sent it once to bifi and chaos.. ask them to put it online somewhere..

Before I sent it to them, I seemed to be only one with that rare disk.. so don't even bother to google it from some place, you won't find it, and I doubt it's online anyway Smile

Imagine][ also plays Imagine I, when you swap the disk.. to bad the introdemo of DS6 isn't in the list of i1..

anduhm.. replace all the (KSS8) stuff with (KSS..8), since a 8 and a ) makes a smiley Smile

By Thom

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28-07-2003, 16:43

I understand it's best to keep the list at a maximum length, however, I object to the idea of removing one first before putting in a new one as this could mean some games completely disappear from the list because they only have one entry (or just one song). Perhaps it's a good idea to limit the number of songs nominated per game?

GR800: in stead of moaning you should come up with alternatives.

By snout

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28-07-2003, 16:44

one of the alternatives is voting a few rounds first before we can put the songs on MSX Radio.

Wolf: that imagine.. who made it? Is it freeware? Copyrighted??

By BiFi

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28-07-2003, 17:00

Which version of Imagine? I have two versions and both wolf and I think there might be even more versions. Wolf may correct me here though... Smile

Both versions state being PD by the way.

By wolf_

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28-07-2003, 17:09

version 2... uhm.. can't remember saying there were more versions tho Smile

You can find imagine 1 on some msx legacy cd, and few persons have imagine 2. The main difference between them is dat in I2 you can mute channels (!).

iirc they were PD.. made by 'Black Label' ..never heard of..

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