Amiga??? Atari??? Commodore??

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By evulopah

Paladin (669)

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10-09-2004, 14:13

Do you all remember the times (like in the nineties) when we all yelled: Amiga sux, MSX is the best!!!

A friend of mine had a Amiga 500 at that time.... he laughed harder cause those Amiga demo's were awesome... with .mod music and a lot of colors...

Wasn't it just a little bit of jealousy... seeing other home computers doing more and better graphics on demo's.....

And there beautifull OS on Amiga...

And there games...


Just forget what i said...

Amiga sux....

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By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9983)

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10-09-2004, 14:44

Haven't heard any .mod that rules more than Microcabin music .. (or good SCC tunes)

By [D-Tail]

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10-09-2004, 18:01

Yeah, ever tried MicroMusic (made by Frits Hilderink of MCCE)? That neat program (TSR!) contains almost all BGMs of MicroCabin games. That is, the most famous ones: Xak 1, 2 and Tower of Gazzel, Fray, Tower of Cabin, Great Strategy 2, etc Smile... Especially some of the Fray tunes are ~SO~ great! It's really worth listening to how MicroCabin did their best on the sound design of those musics. The drums in particular Big smile


Hero (557)

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13-09-2004, 00:09

the first time I heard an Amiga Mod file on an Amiga, I was like 'how horrible' Tongue
even splittin' the channels was more ugly.. I'm still a happy fm-pac owner Wink

By Niles

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13-09-2004, 08:58

tsk tsk...

be truthly please... Amiga 500 (any Amiga or Atari ST) was much better than any MSX, MSX2 or MSX2+ even with FM-PAC.

turboMSX, Moonsound, etc... is another thing but, it was very rare to find these machines outside Japan, and Amiga and ST rules over all Europe, I'm affraid (I was a lot jealousy with these machines, but don't worry, I never show this emotion Wink)

By snout

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13-09-2004, 09:17

Well, when it comes to GFX the Amiga wins hands down. When it comes to music: I personally am just not very fond of the limitations of 4 sample-channels. The MSX had a lot more to offer when it comes to music with PSG, SCC, MSX-Music and MSX-Audio. It's not necessary to mention turboR nor Moonsound over here, these soundchips really kick ass. I'd be the first to admit that some more sampling capabilities would have been very useful, e.g. for SFX in games, but to me, as a composer, having decent FM/AM Synthesis is a lot more important Wink

I'm quite convinced the MSX wins on another front as well: Useability. Even the biggest fool on earth (no, I'm not refering to anyone in particular here Tongue) can learn to create -something- in MSX-BASIC. Better yet, somehow the MSX automatically stimulates all its users to have a go at MSX-BASIC sooner or later. And the computer invites you to take the next ste and be creative (not only with its limitations) every time you decide to give in to the temptation of developing new software for MSX.

By Niles

Hero (545)

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13-09-2004, 13:43

Agree with the useability but... at least only remains window-based O.S. and DevKits Sad

Otherwise, I guess Amiga and ST had a BASIC interpreter or something like that...

About the sound, I know some people made music (professional, I mean) using Atari ST for example (Mike Oldfield...), so I have to understand 16bit machines were better than MSX's, despite PSG, SCC, etc...

Anyway I prefer MSX music than any other kind of music, including mp3 192 kbps Tongue

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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13-09-2004, 14:19

Expandability is also a major advantage of MSX. I'm willing to bet there's no other system out there that has so much user made hardware devices as MSX.

The point is: MSX may be inferior to some other computer systems in a few areas, but none of those systems offer the COMPLETE package that MSX does!

IMO, that completeness of the MSX system is what makes it truly superior as an all-round system, not specialized in anything particular, but 'average' in everything.

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9983)

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13-09-2004, 16:42

About the sound, I know some people made music (professional, I mean) using Atari ST for example (Mike Oldfield...), so I have to understand 16bit machines were better than MSX's, despite PSG, SCC, etc...

That Atari was mainly MIDI .. I think -because of the slowish VDP- that the MSX never really became a computer with a GUI suitable for third-parties apps, like typical MIDI apps.. other than that.. MIDI isn't much of a problem for 3.5mhz, is it? Smile
Well, there were some GUI's .. but they never became popular... (there was a topic about this already), still it might be an interesting thought about GUI's being important for a computer..

By diabolus

Resident (54)

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13-09-2004, 22:40

I agree with Guyver here, msx is great platform for hardware upgrades and with snout that MSX-BASIC is the easiest language for going in the world of programming. But, when someone says that amiga sounds bad, he hasn't heard it at all.
There is tons of great music made with amiga, and without any upgrades, which are almost everytime needed, when hearing a good msx tunes.
PSG potential is left very unused among msxers, zx/st/cpc scene shows how it should be done. Personally I don't like the sound of fm-pac at all. Maybe it is just me, but it sounds very much like early amiga game musics??
And there were/are too many compatibility problems with all those audio hardwares, MSX-AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC, FM-PAC, MOONSOUND etc. "if you don't have this and that plugged, you don't hear anything"
SCC, I think, is also a unexplored territory, it would be nice to hear more PSG+SCC tunes from msx music makers. That combination has more of that original 8bit soundworld what we need.

My word to those who can do PSG/SCC,


Hero (557)

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14-09-2004, 09:43

IBut, when someone says that amiga sounds bad, he hasn't heard it at all.

Guess again Tongue

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