Practical MSX Noobie says Hi

By Apachacha

Rookie (22)

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26-04-2011, 18:32

Hi there people. I have known about MSX gaming for about a year, but have only found a small handfull of games I've wanted to play. To this day I only have three games on the MSX on my completed list, these being the original Parodius, Penguin Adventure (or " 23 levels of living hell") and Andorogynus.

I've just looked into Psycho World though and hope to play it all the way through.

About me ? Well I'm the kind of guy who likes the weird, bizzare and obscure, both in gaming as well as in entertainment (as in books). So if you know any realy weird as hell games , on any system, let me know and maybe I'll put them up on the embryo of a blog I've been working on for a while.

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