MSX 2048

par DamnedAngel on 31-12-2019, 11:48

Hi folks,

This is to publish my version of 2048 for MSX. It is a Basic+ASM program, which I packed in an autoexecutable dsk file.

I am attaching the filé in this post, although onde can download directly at

or run in WebMSX:


Pièce jointeTailleTéléchargementsLast download
2048_v1.2.dsk720 Ko323il y a 1 jour 19 min

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Par hamlet

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31-12-2019, 13:33

Nice one! Thanks for sharing!

Par DamnedAngel

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05-01-2020, 21:12


Just to let you know that the original URL changed to:

Play on WebMSX using: