SD-Snatcher ACE demo 2014

par Jorito on 20-02-2014, 21:44

February 2014 demo version of SD-Snatcher ACE, a remake of Konami's SD-Snatcher, created in RPG Maker VX ACE. Runs on Windows only.

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SD-Snatcher ACE demo 2014.zip129.06 Mo0never

Commentaires (3)

Par Whizzy

Master (213)

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22-02-2014, 23:08

To get it running you should copy both the font files to the windows font directory, eg: C:\Windows\Fonts otherwise it wont start.

Par Vampier

Prophet (2397)

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22-02-2014, 23:51

Spanish only... so about 90% of us are out of luck Smile

graphics look cool and gameplay is fun Smile

Par Pac

Scribe (6719)

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23-02-2014, 11:29

I'm sure a English version will be available as well, don't worry about that Wink