This download contains a very simple No Fuss Level Editor (only 60 lines of MSX-BASIC code). See below a short manual of the level editor. This was the original editor that ANMA used to create the 60 levels of No Fuss.

How to edit/create No Fuss levels


On top of the screen : all the blocks (8x8 pixel each) to be used.
Between the 2 white lines: this is the level design area, to edit a No Fuss level.

All keyboard shortcuts to be used:
- C-key : swap cursor (blue cursor <-> white cursor)
- Enter-key : copy the selected block to the level design area.
- Del-key : remove a block from the level design area.
- 1-key : show View 1 (= what the player should build: the goal)
- 2-key : show View 2 (= level presented to player: the task)
- 3-key : copy View 1 to View 2 (goal -> task)
- L-key, Y-key: load an existing level design
- S-key, Y-key: save the current level design

Procedure to design a new No Fuss level:
Use the C-key and make sure the top cursor is white.
Now select the block you want to use with the arrow keys.
Make sure to use suitable blocks (not background / font / logo blocks).
Use the C-key and make sure the cursor in the level design area is white.
Use the arrow keys to determine where to put a block.
Use the Enter-key to put a block.
Repeat this (arrow keys, Enter-key) to put more blocks in order to design
the goal of the level (pattern/figure the player should build).
If you want to use different types of blocks, go back to step 1.
Use the 3-key to copy View 1 (goal) to View 2 (task).
Use the 2-key to show View 2 (the task which is a copy of the goal).
Now use step 1 and 2 to modify the task.
Also use the Del-key where blocks need to be removed.
The task is what the player will see scrolling in;
this is often a malformed version of the goal.
Double-check if your level design is correct:
Use the 1-key to view/check the goal (View 1)
Use the 2-key to view/check the task (View 2)
Ensure View 2 can be turned into View 1 by the player.
Now save your work:
Use the S-key, Y-key (in sequence) to save the design.
Type the number of this level and press Enter.
Type the speed of this level and press Enter.
Type the background type (0-9) and press Enter.
Type the filename (without extension) and press Enter.

Procedure to load/change an existing No Fuss level:
Use the L-key, Y-key (in sequence) to load an existing design.
Enter filename (listwithout extension), for example: "LEVEL06".
Now follow procedure above (Procedure to design a No Fuss level).

note: a red background means that the editor is busy processing data.

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