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par Bart on 29-12-2008, 19:12
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On MSX, the Nemesis saga is one of the most popular game concepts by Konami, perhaps only topped by their Metal Gear games. And not without reason: the Nemesis games (including Parodius and Salamander) were great action games with memorable music, stunning graphics for MSX1 and great gameplay. Later on in history, Space Manbow would lift up Konami's shooter concept to quality levels comparable with those from 16bit consoles from the same time. It's the old Nemesis/Gradius series however which seems to stand the test of time. Often, retro fanatics keep themselves busy with these games, and that has happened just once more!

It's called Nemesis online, by Kotai. Judging from the screenshots alone, this production looks very polished, while still not losing that magical sense of retro here and there. It's well worth checking out if you are a Nemesis fanatic!

Relevant link: Nemesis online

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Par dvik

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29-12-2008, 19:23

The game plays really well. Nice graphics that gives the same feeling as the original. I think this is the best remake of an MSX game I ever played.

The game gives this really nice arcade feeling somehow. Great job!

Par Bart

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29-12-2008, 21:18

Really cool remake! A bit difficult though. It also allows you to create an account to publish your scores online. A nice 'modern' add-on I think Smile

Par konamiman

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30-12-2008, 10:46


It has even a stage editor... why doesn't someone make something like this for MSX??

Par karloch

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30-12-2008, 17:40

Very nice approach, I really liked the Diagonal Laser. Things it should improve:

  • Music. Plain midi files just won't do the right job in every synthetizer. Maybe midi music composed for the Microsoft GS Software Wavetable (built-in since Windows XP) could be the right choice, without discarding the use of digital music.
  • Loading time is too long
  • Stage selecction interface could be improved

Par kotai

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30-12-2008, 19:31

Hi I'm kotai creator of Nemesis Online and MiniRacingOnline, and several games for MSX between 1986 and 1990 : (my best game "TRAIL" for 2 players not load from casette ;( )

I'm will make all stages of MSX Nemesis1,2,3 and Salamander for my game Nemesis Online.

I upload some videos to youtube:

Stage: Nemesis1-1

Stage: Nemesis1-2

Stage: Nemesis1-3

Stage: Nemesis1-4

Kotai :D

Par ro

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01-01-2009, 08:33

great stuff Kotai!!

Par Abi

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03-01-2009, 21:22

Super, nice done!
pitty the bonus stages are not buit in (yet?).

Par kotai

Master (152)

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31-01-2009, 03:10

New version 0.26F and new stage MegaBosses1: fight against 10 bosses of Nemesis 1,2,3 and Salamander.

You can see a vieos on youtube:

Stage: MegaBosses1 Part 1/2

Stage: MegaBosses1 Part 2/2

And free download new stage and version at :


Par kotai

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06-03-2009, 10:25

New Version 0.30 with new weapons, better online and major precision of movements.

You can free download game at:

And you can see videos of all stages at YouTube:

All stages of Nemesis 1 MSX availables