MSXdev09 - #2 Castle Tomb

par viejo_archivero on 17-07-2009, 10:44
Sujet: MRC
Étiquettes: Challenges

MSXdev regular AG Software (Andrea Gasparrini) has submitted the second finished entry for MSXdev'09! Like many of his other games, this is a platformer again: Castle Tomb. It features the regular retro styled graphics you've seen from his other games, but they are sufficient in order to deal with the dark evilness in this game: your objective is to get rid of vampires! The game comes as a 16KB ROM, and is complete with manual and (MSX-BASIC) source code.

Relevant link: MSXdev

Commentaires (2)

Par MäSäXi

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28-07-2009, 08:13

Nice BASIC game! Smile

Graphics are very nice (if ripped thought). Smile

Title screen looks very nice too!

If we forget BASIC slowness, and simple sound, this looks just like any better commercial game! Smile

Par JohnHassink

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28-07-2009, 12:15

Errrrr..... no? LOL. Big smile