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par wolf_ on 19-08-2009, 14:56
Sujet: MRC

Almost a year ago we celebrated forumpost 100.000, and concluded with the notion that the next important event would probably be MRC account 5000. Today is that day! Thanks to MSX friend Japanesepeso from Japan signing up at MRC, we can now celebrate that we have a grand total of 5000 registered users. These include regular contributors, developers, traders, chit chatters and icons from the past, in short: a colorful circus of MSX fans enjoying them self and others. Naturally, not every user will ever say a word, they register and read the website in silence. With over 41% active users we still have well over 2000 MSX fans who show some form of activity. The statistics page has all the figures in case you're interested.

What would be the next milestone? In almost a year of time our active forum gained 15.000 forum posts, at this rate it'd take over two years before we hit 150.000. Or perhaps it's wolf_'s Metal Gear 1 track hitting 10.000 downloads. With an average of 100 downloads per month, this moment would still be well over three years away. The most likely candidate for a party however is newspost 5000. Despite our newspost index beyond 5200 already, not all newsposts from the past are present in the MRC you've been reading since 2002, while some others have been deleted since. Those are all milestones based on quantities. There's one upcoming milestone which isn't defined by a quantity but by a period in time: MRC2k9, and that will be our own major milestone!

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Par cidra

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19-08-2009, 16:53

Well, congratulations.
'Nuff Said.

Par hap

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19-08-2009, 18:01

Par lionelritchie

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19-08-2009, 18:30

i will create 3 clones now to help you reach 10000!
i URGE everybody to do the same.

Par thinlizzy

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19-08-2009, 18:34

5000 accounts and less than 500 users posting and less than 50 users actually using a MSX...

Par cidra

Master (202)

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19-08-2009, 19:16

Yes, let's clone and blow the charts...

And let's hope MRC2k9 is out soon, because the world is gonna end in 2012...

Par jltursan

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19-08-2009, 19:29

because the world is gonna end in 2012...

Damn!, I had forgotten that...! Evil


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19-08-2009, 22:26

I'm just wondering, where all these users are hiding...

Par lionelritchie

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20-08-2009, 03:16

what gonna happen in 2012?

Par wolf_

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20-08-2009, 11:07

Par [D-Tail]

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20-08-2009, 13:47

Par Tanni

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20-08-2009, 16:13

because the world is gonna end in 2012...

Damn!, I had forgotten that...!

Oh, nice, so we can all meet up in Milliway's!


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27-08-2009, 08:30