SD Snatcher video

par wolf_ on 17-01-2010, 22:14
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Certainly one of the best MSX games, maybe even the best one. There has been a complete SD Snatcher video on youtube for over two years already, but obviously with 2007 quality. Vampier, one of the few MSX game video providers at this moment, has just finished uploading the final part of his own SD Snatcher video. The difference is evident: crystal clear sound and pixels as sharp as a razor. If you feel like seeing Konami's magnum opus once again, without the hassle of having to play it, sit back and relax!

Relevant link: SD Snatcher video

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17-01-2010, 23:35

Part 29 is missing!

Par Bart

Paragon (1422)

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17-01-2010, 23:52

Great quality! I enjoyed watching a few parts Smile Thanks for making these videos.

Par Vampier

Prophet (2415)

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18-01-2010, 05:00

@artag ... oops Smile thanks I just added Part 30 (30 was missing not 29)

@Bart ... no problem my pleasure Tongue

The whole game-play is done in 229 minutes from beginning till end. I tried to take the shortest routes and quickest game-play (to my knowledge) I had to cheat with blowing out the candles though... I did not feel like going back to the chapel and blow out the remaining 2 candles so I used a quick 'poke' to open the door (in case someone even notices)

But not lets forget oldskoolgamertje ( ) who did the walkthrough of SD snatcher without the 'reverse function' I used (not that I needed it much but it sure helped recording this game)

Par meits

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18-01-2010, 06:55


The worst part of this game is that mirror house... I just hate that...

Par konamiman

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18-01-2010, 10:23

Blasphemy!! The best MSX game ever is obviously Gradius 2. But certainly SD Snatcher well deserves the second place.


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18-01-2010, 11:16

in this case SD-Snatcher is the best msx2 game

Par Ivan

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18-01-2010, 19:43

Wow! Amazing quality! Thanks Vampier!

Btw, it is spelled SD Snatcher (and not SD-Snatcher, I've updated the newspost).

Par Vampier

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18-01-2010, 21:22

I almost forgot to mention it: the whole walk-through had been recorded by openMSX, if the new openMSX will be released I'll probably also release the auto-play Smile (that means openMSX has now keystroke recording bound to a status snapshot Smile

Par Moniz

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20-01-2010, 16:45

Vampier: Did you hack this version? I see you have everything maxed out in the beginning..
I play this game at least once a year, but with this hack I would probably play it more often.
Is there a place where I can download a userdisk or patch ?

Par Vampier

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20-01-2010, 17:26

Moniz it's not a hack, blueMSX and openMSX have trainers build in

This link will show what's all availeble.

You could make a save disk on an emulator and then transfer the disk image to a real disk.