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22-07-2004, 13:17

By default EVA player does not work with CF. Here are instructions, how to patch EVA player to work :

Ver: 0.08 Offset #57A (#B7 -> #AF)
Ver: 0.09b Offset #57C (#B7 -> #AF)
Ver: 0.10 Offset #5C2 (#B7 -> #AF)

Oh, it's already version 0.10? Where can I find this one, please?

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22-07-2004, 13:48

Yeah, I wasn't able to find that one either...

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22-07-2004, 16:20

I assume the program is freeware, so if you can send 0.10 to downloads@msx.org, we'll add it to the download db.


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23-07-2004, 00:19

Check out "Source of the EVA player for IDE" from members.chello.nl/h.otten/frontsw.htm

I don't know what are the differences, but at least you can load a background picture on 0.10 version. I loaned my "skin" from Windows media player :-9

But you can use the CF card to copy EVA files from pc to the MSX hdAs stated, that won't work for the big file sizes :(

Usually problem is caused by fragmented HD. In this case you can skip the fragment, if you define start frame later, than the fragment.

I'm not sure, but I think, that FAT16 driver has also some kind of bug, that corrupts large files, if you try to copy them. You can anyway use FAT12 formatted CF cards to transfer files between PC and MSX. At least my PC CF reader understands FAT12 formatted CF cards just fine.

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23-07-2004, 09:02

That part about the CF disks is quite right I guess, but 32MB is in most cases not enough for a movie transfer Sad

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23-07-2004, 09:17

buy a 512 mb version to get more lucky.. they're gett'n cheaper by the day

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24-07-2004, 08:57

I wasn't talking about the CF size, but more about the maximum partition size in FAT12 Shocked!... Well... Maybe if the FAT16 512MB CF is clean (never used), it would work to put an EVA on that Smile

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30-09-2004, 18:16

Legacy, I just got official permission from snout, to put my A1ST in place at the MRC stand, so I suggest you get yourself at the MRC stand @ Bussum 2K4 for a nice EVA demonstration. And ro, if you actually happen to be there as well, I'd be honoured to do that demonstration over once again ^_^...

So, see you @ Bussum!

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30-09-2004, 19:46

@ D-Tail
I'll be there.
Can you give me the phone number of your friend who lives in Hoogeveen,I'll ask him to go together to Bussum.

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01-10-2004, 19:05

Okay, I just converted some Neo Contra and MGS3: Snake Eater movies Smile

I've sent you an e-mail containing Ronnie's cell phone #.

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