Sharksym's ASO remake - update

par janghang on 04-02-2012, 18:19
Sujet: Development

Sharksym, the Korean MSX developer who has created an MMC/SD cartridge, is currently making steady progress with his ASO remake for MSX TurboR. He has recently updated his ASO (Armored Scrum Object) remake, a game in the genre ruled by Aleste; he's finished the first stage including all units, map, and boss. The game he's writing uses his own VDP library for Hitech-C and some game data from the original arcade version, which were extracted by MAME. For sound and music, the game supports Moonsound and MSX-AUDIO.

To see all this for yourself, you can watch the video and play the game (files for MSX-DOS2) in its current state yourself, by simply following the relevant links.

Relevant link: Sharksym's blog, video of ASO on YouTube

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Par hap

Paragon (2041)

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04-02-2012, 18:31

Progress after progress. Smile
It's shaping up to a very good (arcade quality) port.

Par Retrofan

Paragon (1330)

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04-02-2012, 18:50

Great game! Looks very nice and it has also MoonSound support!

Par Oscar

Guardian (582)

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04-02-2012, 22:46

Awesome Shocked!

Par mesiasmsx

Prophet (3429)

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08-02-2012, 13:16

!great! I hear with Moonsound but i cant hear with MSX-Audio . This is because it is not already present?

Par sharksym

Resident (36)

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10-02-2012, 09:50

You can select MSX-AUDIO like Philps MusicModule.
Please, try as "ASO /A" on DOS2 shell.


    ASO remake (2012.02.05)
        By Yeongman Seo (
* ASO remake
This program is remake version of ASO,
 which was made by SNK in 1985.
Current version supports AREA1 level only Smile
* Requirements
Real MSX: MSXturboR GT & MSX-AUDIO(or MoonSound)
Emulator: blueMSX with FS-A1GT configuration
* How to execute
Extract zip file into MSX disk. (Fast disk drive is recommended)
Type 'ASO' in DOS2 shell.
MoonSound is default sound output.
You can change sound option by typing 'ASO /A' for MSX-AUDIO.
* Key input
Movement: Cursor key
Laser:    Space key or N key
Missile:  Cancel key or B key
Armor:    Graph key or V key
Exit:     ESC key
* History
  Improved hor-scroll & armor handling
  Added three keys (N,B,V)
  AREA1 release

Par mesiasmsx

Prophet (3429)

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10-02-2012, 13:51

Why Turbo R Gt only? I have ST and works perfect Smile

Thanks for the explanations  Big smile

Par Manuel

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10-02-2012, 20:00

sharksym: have you got any idea why it doesn't work properly on openMSX?

Par guantxip

Paragon (1605)

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15-02-2012, 14:07

With msx audio (Music module) the sound is very low.

Par PingPong

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08-04-2012, 01:21


Par Gradius2

Hero (648)

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08-04-2012, 19:45

Manuel wrote:

sharksym: have you got any idea why it doesn't work properly on openMSX?

openMSX has LOTS of bugs on it yet.

The more options they add to it, the more the bugs will pop up.

I just used for few things and already found a bug there, the turboR emu on it is also buggy.


Enlighted (6889)

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08-04-2012, 22:01

Also bluemsx is very crappy when emulating the msxTR
the problems are in the vdp command engine, in the r800 flags and in the r800 speed when accessing external roms

those are troubles appeared while coding the maze3d raycaster

Par Manuel

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09-04-2012, 15:43

Gradius2: are you willing to help?

For example, it would help to make your statement more explicit: which bugs? When do they occur (how can we test them)? Are they new bugs or old bugs? Does it work better in other emulators? (Which?)

If you help with this, I'm sure next release will have less bugs.

Par Colemu

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24-01-2013, 00:07

mesiasmsx wrote:

Why Turbo R Gt only? I have ST and works perfect Smile

Thanks for the explanations  Big smile

This also runs on my MSX2 Big smile

Par piroyan

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07-02-2022, 10:14

ASO remake - 2022.02.05 update

Par janghang

Expert (125)

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08-02-2022, 06:57

looks perfect!!! great job!!!

Par gdx

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08-02-2022, 08:38

Colemu wrote:

This also runs on my MSX2

It works on real MSX turbo R ugraded to 512KB or more and needs the Moonsound.
It works on equivalent MSX turbo R emulated with BlueMSX but not OpenMSX 0.15.

Par Grauw

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08-02-2022, 10:52

I didn’t play extensively, but it seems to work fine for me on openMSX 0.17.

(The regular version, didn’t try the special version patched for BlueMSX.)

Par Gig71

Expert (77)

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09-02-2022, 07:57

Anyone tried it in the libretro port of bluemsx?
I don't manage to make it works.
It loads until the title screen then it crash.
and the game screen not appear

both versions regular and bluemsxversion!

Par edoz

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09-02-2022, 08:45

This is really cool sharksym! I love all your software projects! They are amazing!

Par tfh

Prophet (3256)

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09-02-2022, 09:17

It also seems to work on WebMSX, but minus the sound.