GMC #10 - Desperado by FranSX

GMC #10 - Desperado by FranSX

par meits on 20-02-2014, 22:03
Sujet: Challenges

Just a few weeks ago FranSX surprised us with his first contribution to the Game Music Cover Challenge. Again he chose a track by Spanish Topo Soft. The game's name is Desperado.

FranSX used his live playing fingers again on his Korg Trinity using the same hardware and software as his earlier entry. Why a Topo Soft game again? This must be probably because the high quality scores of their games is mainly made by one of the best eight bit musicians called Gominolas, as FranSX mentions in his informing mail to us. And judging what he made of it, he must be right about the composition qualities. It's just that FranSX lifted the music to a level impossible in the era Gominolas composed it. Have a listen to this easy listening western tune now.

Relevant link: Desperado by FranSX

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Par Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1802)

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21-02-2014, 09:21

I like the Old Western setting of the song, but the gunshot sounds are too repetative for me and kinda put me off.

Par fransx

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25-02-2014, 22:41

The shots are repetitive, it is true, but the original song has all these shots. Smile