Nextor disk emulation mode compatibility list

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Par thezorry

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28-01-2016, 16:53


This is not really a game compatibility error by itself, but... I think it may be a bug in nextor kernel? I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread for this question.

I've flashed the Nextor alpha 2 kernel into my MegaFlashROM cart. I boot into Nextor, and mount a dsk with mapdrv g: IMAGE.DSK. After that, I copy some files into drive g:, and it seems that the partition table gets corruption, because when I do a DIR there is some weird characters in the file names, and if I try to load a bas file in basic I get a Device I/O error.

If I get this IMAGE.DSK and try to open in DiskManager, I get a warning about FAT corruption also.

I'm doing somethig wrong?


Par Retrofan

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06-04-2016, 20:09

Can you enable R800 on Turbo-R during loading times like RUNIT does?
And can we speed up games using R800 when neccessary with a keycombination?

@MRC members: Are there more compatibility issues with FDD emulation mode?

Par sd_snatcher

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29-10-2016, 23:39

Aleste-2 doesn't seem to run with EMUFILE here.

Par alessandro_scaccia

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11-10-2018, 18:47

Aleste 2 and The Great Giana Sister not working.

Ancient and Ancient 2 works very well

Par Tangent

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29-01-2019, 05:49

Dragon Slayer VI (translated) doesn't work for me with disk emulation mode on MegaFlashROM. The intro always fails to load but can be skipped to display an incomplete main menu with erratic music.

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